Videos concerning Apis laboriosa, Apis dorsata nad Tropilaelaps clareae  
Videos below concern  papers published by J. Woyke

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     Apis laboriosa

     Periodic Mass Flights (PMF) of A. laboriosa   


     1 nest
 60_lapmf,  1nest      1.0 MB
 61_lapmf,   1nest      877 KB    
    3 nests
 59_lapmf,   3nts      954 KB
 66_lapmf,   3nts      997 KB

     Temperature correlated Dorso -Ventral Abdomen Flipping (DVAF), (AF) of Apis laboriosa

    At 10 oC about 50% of worker bees perform DVAM
88_laaf50, 1        1 MB
89_laaf50, 2      920 KB
At 15 oC about 15% of worker bees perform DVAM
90_laaf15        900 KB

    Hornet hunting Apis laboriosa worker bees near the nest


Movie 4. 13 Hornet MB)

       Dorso -ventral Defence Body Twisting (DBT) in A. laboriosa worker bees


        Circular Defence Waves (DW) A. laboriosa workers in the curtain covering the nests


46_lawavs hornet
45_lawavs   2nests   13,25                    
47_lawavs   3nests   11,41

Apis dorsata dorsata

Abdominen Flipping (AF) of Apis dorsata workers
At 19 oC about 12.5% of workers perform abdomen flipping
Movie 8. 15_doaf 12,5

At 24 oC about 2.5% of workers perform abdomen flipping
12_doaf 2,5  

Circular Defence Waves (DW) of DBT in A.dorsata workers in the curtain covering the nest

Movie 10. avi (3.0MB) 21_dowav15,37

Dorso-ventral Defence Body Twisting (DBT) if A. dorsata worker bees in a cage
Movie 11. 22_doafcage
Movie 12. 24_doafcage2

Periodic mass flights (PMFs) of A. dorsata worker bees
Movie 13. 27_dopmfwindo
Movie 14. 32_dopmfroof

Apis dorsata breviligula  
      Defence body twisting (DBT)


Circular Dfence Waves (DW) of A. d. breviligula provoked by dummy hornet
Movie BrDefWavs (2.65 MB)

Defence body twisting (DBT)
Movie BrDefHornet (2.41 MB)

Defence body twisting (DBT)
Movie BrevDefsid (1.1) MB

    Tropilaelaps clareae 
      Mating of Tropilaelaps clareae    


  The male moves from female dorsum on the side and then slipps to her venter.  
    01_trcopmove 1.3 Mb

Female and male in venter-to-venter position
03_trcopevnt 850 KB

The sperm is introduced by means of male spermatodactyl into female gonopore located behind coxa III.
The male rubbs the anterior part of the female epigynial plate with his leg II . He can repeat the movements
more than 500 times
04_trcoprub 930 KB
05_trcoprub 1.2 MB